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Welcome to the website for Renaître Counseling, serving clients in the state of Texas and Washington! Whether you’re seeking support on your gender journey or looking for a compassionate space to deepen your understanding of yourself, I am glad you have found me.

My name is Renée Randazzo, I use she/they pronouns, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. “Renaître” and “Renée” are French words for “reborn,” and as such I welcome those on the threshold of a new beginning. I am a transgender-affirming psychotherapist who specializes in helping people of all gender identities explore gender issues. I help transgender people navigate emotional growth before, during, and beyond transitions. Additionally, I provide long-term insight-oriented therapy for people experiencing all types of life changes.



My practice is a space for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people to navigate gender affirmation journeys and/or to receive support, empathy, and guidance. QTPOC are more than welcome. I gained expertise in transgender health through my work in the Transgender Health Program at Fenway Health in Boston, and have worked with Austin-based organizations Out Youth and the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition.


Since we LGBTQIA people have a whole array of other things going on besides our sexual orientations and our genders, my scope extends beyond these issues. My specialties include trauma and complex trauma, anxiety and mood issues, body image, family-of-origin issues, spirituality/soul, communication and relationships, gender identity, gender affirmation/transition, sex and sexuality, and intersectional LGBTQ+ issues.


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All services are offered via teletherapy, using a secure and simple technology. I serve adults and teens throughout the states of Texas and Washington.

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Tel: 512-537-9841

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