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Gender Witch Coaching and Group Facilitation

I look forward to designing offerings for LGBTQIA2S people of this beautiful region. I envision services such as:

  • Gender exploration coaching

  • Gender transition coaching and support

  • Facilitation of open-hearted dialogue within family systems who are adjusting to loved one coming out

  • Weekly support groups

  • Inter-generational dialogue sessions between older and younger transgender and nonbinary folks

  • Spiritual wellness retreats for gender-expansive people

Isolation can be a huge stressor. Living in a rural area can contribute to a sense of disconnection, especially for LGBTQ+ community  members. We have all been doing our best to cope with a pandemic, distancing as appropriate to protect our people's health. 

I have witnessed (and felt) the emotional toll of these experiences, and look forward to bringing like-minded souls together for experiences of self-actualization, community healing, and even celebration. We deserve it!

Interested? Please reach out to me and discuss these ideas!
Input and collaboration is welcome.

Thanks for submitting!

As it becomes safe enough to do so, I hope to begin offering in-person coaching and group facilitation services on the Olympic Peninsula, the ancestral Coast Salish homelands of the Duwamish, Suquamish, Stillaguamish, and Muckleshoot Tribes, as well as the S'Klallam peoples.

My Approach
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