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My Rates

My full rate is $130 per 50-minute session. For those for whom this is a hardship, I can offer a reduced rate. Some folks keep therapy affordable by opting for less frequent sessions, such as every other week rather than weekly. I am open to discussing the best approach for your specific circumstances.


I can accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans. You may be responsible for out of pocket expenses such as deductibles and co-pays depending on your plan. I will verify your eligibility and terms before we begin therapy together.


I am committed to keeping my rates lower than the industry standard, and to making reduced rates available. These commitments are founded in my knowledge that gender-diverse people often experience more financial hardship due to discrimination, lack of social support, and transition-related expenses. My goal is to increase access to high quality, gender affirming mental health support for transgender communities of Texas and Washington.

Letters of Support

For those seeking letters of support for a gender affirmation step, such as beginning hormones, undergoing a surgery, or changing their name and gender marker on legal documents, I am happy to help. As availability allows, I can offer short-term assessments in order to provide letters of support with no obligation to continue ongoing therapy. I am a member of The GALAP Movement, and as such I can offer assessments for letters of support at no cost. The number of sessions needed for this assessment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


If you are ready to begin gender affirming hormone therapy, I encourage you to consider going to a medical provider who uses an Informed Consent Model of Care. In this model of care, you do not need a letter of support from a therapist. The medical professional will ask appropriate questions to assess your readiness, and then can get you started on hormones without requiring you to see a therapist first. Austin-area clinics that use an Informed Consent Model of Care for transgender health include the Kind Clinic, Planned Parenthood of North Austin, and Pride Family Medicine.

My Approach
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